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If you’re relying on social media to get in front of your customers, you’re going to be disappointed.

Yes, social media is important, but email marketing is the proven best way to actually convert customers, and it’s a crucial part of your marketing platform. Whether you need help with the nuts and bolts of setup, or need some inspiration for what to say, I’m here to help!


Holly is incredibly professional, organized, and clear with providing feedback, recommendations and action steps to help me move my business forward through the implementation of sending out a consistent email newsletter. She gave me very practical suggestions to facilitate growth, engagement and ultimately financial success in my business. Her warm & supportive approach made it easy for me to ask questions, even if I was nervous that they were too basic or maybe even silly. She is incredibly easy to work with and I would highly recommend Holly’s services to any business owner who is ready to get some practical support with your digital presence, especially as a business owner and entrepreneur.


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Being a new small business owner, I had the natural trepidation about “outsourcing” tasks that were outside my wheelhouse, then I met Holly.  Her open style is geared to offering expertise, bringing maximum value to myself and my business. With genuine curiosity and active listening she opened my eyes to possibilities regarding marketing my brand and communicating effectively in the digital world.  Her flexibility and generous advice instills trust that she works with me, helping me to achieve my vision.


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