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If you haven’t updated your website in awhile, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on opportunities. It’s time for a website checkup!

I’ll review your website from three perspectives:
– Copy (Can people easily understand your service?)
– Performance (Is is fast, functional, and secure?)
– Technical (Do you have broken links? How’s your SEO?)

I provide you a report of my findings and suggest next steps. Turnaround time within 10 business days, investment $199. (If you book a follow-on service with me, like a website refresh, your fee is credited to that project!)

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Know where you stand.

With a website CHECKUP, you’ll know you’re making the right choices for your existing website, and not missing anything critical for your business.


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Most of my clients live, work, and play in the Rocky Mountain West, but I work with clients around the world!

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