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Northwest montana Vacation Lodging & A Community Laundromat

The American website design

The Team at The American had built their site, but needed some fine tuning and specific feature support to make everything work smoothly.

I worked with them on overall site look and feel, search positioning, ease of navigation, and provided some suggestions and implementation to help their site shine.

Working with Holly has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made! After attempting to build a website on my own, I quickly learned the large learning curve involved in not only building a website but building one that would be effective and functional for users. Holly took the time to carefully listen and learn our needs and wants for the website and added in her tips and expertise where needed to create a quality and effective website for us. We have had 0 issues or complaints on our website and feel confident in it’s ability to help us be noticed and stand out to consumers as a place they want to do business with.

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